Our Story

We would like to thank the families of Citrus Heights Dance Academy for supporting the growth and development of our dance training program. Our studio is located at Sylvan Marketplace and we offer: Pre-Ballet for ages 3-7; Tap/Jazz Combo for ages 5-7; Ballet, Tap, Jazz for ages 7-12; Hip-Hop; Ballet / Contemporary and Tap for Teens / Adults. It is important to us that our students start their training with a classical foundation. This provides them with the strength and confidence needed for higher levels and performance opportunities. We are regularly adding new classes in order to maintain small class sizes. Our dress code has been developed to ensure that all students will present themselves in modest, age appropriate attire and music selections will also be chosen with discretion.

Students are invited to participate in the Summer & Winter Shows. These are uniquely created to spark a love for dance through the art of storytelling and entertain with a sampling from a variety of Musical Productions. Teachers choreograph original works to highlight the ability level of each individual class. Summer Show themes have included: Circa 1910, A Sailor’s Dream, The Jazz Movement, Cinderella, Munchkinland, Best of the 30’s, Western Symphony, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, The Art of Dance and Sleeping Beauty. Winter Shows include an annual production of The Nutcracker, and Winter/ Christmas themed Tap and Jazz selections.

With Ballet being the foundational discipline of all dance styles, we place a high priority on this form of training in our school. The best way for young dancers to stay enthusiastic for this discipline of precision, is to involve them in the creative storytelling process and performance experience that a full length classical Ballet has to offer. Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre and Contemporary give dancers exposure to more stylized dance. These forms truly come to life when taught in combination with music from different eras and allows students to learn how dance styles have evolved with each!

Kim Reckers

At the age of 4, Kim, started her dance training at a studio in her home town of Arcata, California. This studio was owned by LaVerne Krei, who had a distinguished professional background and was one of the first dancers to be honored by The National Tap Dance Association in their Hall of Fame. She continued to train with LaVerne until they both moved to the Sacramento area in the early 1970′s.

Once in Sacramento, LaVerne opened Carmichael School of Performing Arts, and Kim trained and performed as part of the studio’s company. Later, she was chosen to became a member of LaVerne’s Teacher Training Program and taught tap, ballet and jazz at her studio. LaVerne trained her teachers to uphold a very high standard of technical precision. Her studio’s well known tap choreography was clearly recognized by it’s style and grace, which was the product of a strong ballet foundation. Through this training and experience with LaVerne, Kim came to realize the joy of teaching and went on to open her own studio in 1981.

Kim taught her first students out of her in-home studio (which is still there today). In 1984, she expanded into a 2,000 square foot studio at Sylvan Corners in Citrus Heights, California, called Sylvan Dance Studio.

In 1988, Sylvan Dance Studio had to develop waiting lists for classes and it became evident that a larger facility was needed. The new studio opened one mile north of the first, and took on the new name, Conservatory of Dance. This new location continued to have steady growth and eventually expanded into a second location in Rocklin, California. In 1998, the Rocklin Conservatory of Dance started to have open auditions for their performance of The Nutcracker, which has become an annual tradition for the city. Many of the alumni from Sylvan Dance Studio and Conservatory of Dance went on to pursue professional careers in Dance Instruction, Dance Studio Ownership, Hollywood Films and Broadway Musicals.

In 1999, Kim decided to sell the Conservatory of Dance and try retirement for a while. Eventually, she missed teaching so much, that she began teaching ballet and tap for Deane Dance Center, and tap for the Sacramento Ballet’s Dance Education Training Program. Later opening Citrus Heights Dance Academy in 2011 with her daughter, Quinn, for the next generation of dancers.

Quinn Castle

Quinn started taking dance lessons from her mom when she was 3 and added private tap lessons from LaVerne Krei at the age of 5. She became a cast member with the Sacramento Ballet at the age of 7 and performed with them in 8 consecutive seasons of The Nutcracker. During this time she developed a love for Ballet and started studying with Barbara Crockett in Carmichael, CA. She went on to become a member of the Crockett-Deane Ballet Company in Sacramento, CA.

After graduating high school she traveled as a Dance Camp Instructor for the National Dance Alliance, performed as a Sacramento Kings Royal Court Dancer and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, San Fransisco. With her degree in Merchandise Marketing Management she started her career with Nordstrom, while continuing to teach dance for Deane Dance Center and The Sacramento Ballet Dance Education Training Program. In her 9 years at Nordstrom she had the opportunity to serve many customers and employees in the roles of Savvy Manager, Personal Stylist Manager and Customer Relationship Manager.

In the Spring of 2011, Quinn was led to carry on the family tradition of dance instruction by opening Citrus Heights Dance Academy. In the Fall of 2013, her and her husband Ryan, along with their son Cody and daughters Audra and Hannah, were blessed with the newest addition to their family, Emily. Over the past 4 years she has been amazed by the determination and progress made by so many young dancers and thankful for the opportunity to work with each and every one them.